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Treatments and programmes designed to empower Womens wellness regardless of there journey through womanhood!

Alex Woolf


Welcome to Alex Woolf.

Womans Wellness

Welcome, Womans wellness. This is your place for support:

Scar massage therapy

Pregnancy discomfort

Postpartum recovery

Menopause support

Bespoke facial care

Or maybe you have scar that is causing referred discomfort or pain from adhesions of fibrous tissues are causing you discomfort or trauma, so your trying to seek some assistance to help your body with its healing process.

Your body is either whispering it needs some help or its screaming at you!

Or you may have been listening to your body, mind and soul and want to gain trust in yourself before the storm lands.

I use a variety of skill sets from trigger points, myofascial work to clinical shiatsu and stretching through to deep tissue massage and hot stone therapy.

I have a great desire to impart a tool box of specific techniques to empower you to achieve your desired results and goals.


My therapies are unique because they have you at the centre of them. Over the past three decdes and conuntless education in differing therapies I decided I wanted a more holistic approach a more complimentary practice.

I wanted to offer radical idea to put the YOU my client at the centre of YOUR treatment.

To really hear YOUR  difficulties and respond using my skillset to offer you tools to empower you and so instead of booking in for a modality like reflexology or massage. We have time and build a bespoke treatment for designed for you

Offering person centred therapies


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