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Alex Woolf


I am Alex, a complimentary therapist.


I am blessed to have built a wealth of knowledge over the years.    
Having qualified originally as a beauty therapist twenty nine years ago. I undertook a long journey of education, qualifying in a number of therapies but specialising in sports development and holistic therapy.
Now concentrating on clinical pathologies and Sharon Wheeler ScarWork and my latest passion of menopause (now I have entered that’s stage of my life)
Having had a varied career in five star spas across the UK and in New York state. I settled into the joy of owning my own concern.
Through different tribulations the business ​evolved as I took a more educational role.
After returning to work having given birth to my twins, a natural restructuring occurred within my business.
Leading to its rebirth as rejuvenate a mobile therapy service in Colchester Essex.
However I soon quickly learnt that I am my business and my business is me.
As my clients recommend me not the business a new era began. So I fully stepped into my space to help as Alex Woolf, Wellness consultancy.
A chance for me to impart my knowledge. Allowing people to get the best from themselves and learn new skills I have always seen self empowerment as the best tool to regain balance.


THROUGH MY EVOLUTION  Since having my children it has opened a whole new passion on how the body works which has naturally  unfolded for me….Which has lead me to specialise in post pregnancy care and Scar workI was misdiagnosed for over a year, before researching the information I needed in Canada and a postpartum specialist opened my eyes to how the core muscles are undervalued in everyone’s lives.I then went on to discover how important the c section scar I received from having my twins was impacting not only my body but my life which is why I took my certification in ScarWorkSo  my new learning curve began, on top of my busy world. If I can find time for me then you can too.Whilst lock downs were happening I took time to not only school my children but also myself.I focused on Jing self care, the therapy of advanced clinical massage, advance anatomy and oncology massage as well as gaining my qualifications in scar massage therapy.I look forward to talking to you about how I can support you on your path



My Approach

After a consultation we will disscus your needs and design a treatment for you. or if your prefereance is fror Scar therapy, facial massage.

This is about dedicated time for you.

Treatment time that can be quiet or chatty 

After care is a big thing in my therapies. I believe in equipping you with simple easy to use solutions that you can add to your routine in a bid for success to capture the results you want and the support you deserve.

You were made from star dust and its my mission toigive you the tools to SHINE