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Menopause wellness

Holistic therapies to compliment your journey through each stage of menopause.

A well womens approach to menopause.


During menopause it’s difficult to find your voice and understand your bodies current path. Regardless of which treatment you choose medication or not. The well woman’s approach to menoapause is about choice. It’s about finding your voice. In this pivotal time, symptoms can overwhelm and allow you to shrink. When really menopause should be a time of choice of empowerment of a second spring.

It’s the time in life where yes symptoms can be hard to deal with but with communication, understanding this too shall pass and you will emerge as the butterfly you really are.


Menopause can offer a vast array of treatments

Regardless of whether you just want coaching and a self help approach or hands on treatments to aid symptoms.

From facials which can have a more profound effect than just skin deep to reflexology or aromatherapy bespoke with you at the heart of your treatment.

This about a space for you to be…to breathe…..


Menopause wellness coaching.

Menopause can feel overwhelming and symptoms are vast. You can feel like your know longer visible whilst your tolerance levels drop and your looking in the mirror wondering who the hell is that! 

Coaching is about consultation. Its really about you simply….

What are the issues and how you need help to empower yourself.

I feel like this is the cocoon. You have had the joy of being a caterpillar…. now is the time to cocoon and sometime soon your wings burst free.

Menopause is not the end it’s the beginning… it’s your bodies rebirth.

You get some choice of what to keep, what to shed… whilst your body is doing the same.

It’s a time for you to learn self care, your boundaries and your empowerment.

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