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Sports massage is an amazing treatment. In the past few years sports massage has developed to use a wide range of techniques. It has a legacy to help sports enthusiasts to get to there goals.

There is a reason why professions like Mo Farah* have twice a week treatments.

They help your body recover. When you train you put the body under strain which in its basic form breaks it down so that it can rebuild to be stronger. A bit like a toddler knocking over a tower of building blocks. You are effectively knocking the body so it will repair to become stronger and perform better at what activity you want to achieve.

Unlike a professional athlete most people forget just how much they move in a day. Many expect a high performance outcome. Trying to train at a high level whilst doing a full time job and caring often for family.

Which is why over training becomes such a big factor in injury.

Then you have the possibility of delayed onset muscle soreness which means inflammation and increase in lactic acid and other toxins within the muscle tissue. Restricting oxygen and other nutrients to the muscle.

Latic acid is a by product of the chemical reaction that causes your muscle to work. It’s not your enemy it can be your friend but like everything balance is everything.

Sports massage can aid your immune system, your circulatory system. It can realign tiny muscle fibers to relieve knots so the muscle and even assist nerves.

Your therapist will also aid you with stretching. Stretching is, in my opinion is vital to obtaining a healthy fit body.

But I foam roll…. a lot of people enjoy or should I say endure foam rolling. It’s a great technique but it doesn’t take the place of regular massage treatments.

A therapist uses experience to “read” your muscles like Braille. It’s a treatment that’s about you and your body. It’s a bespoke treatment to help aid your achievements.

If your training regularly your investing your time and money into your goal and recovery is vital to allow that hard work to be deposited into your body. Your putting amazing effort in massage is apart of that training journey to really pay dividends on your effort.

* sourced from audible interview 2018