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How ScarWorks saved me Its a bold statement don’t you think?

So a little about me, I am a mum to three kids two are mine by birth. Two that came to this earth through the joy of being twins Yep I am a twin mummy that had an interesting labour that evolved a lot of complications that I have no desire in scaring other women about because the reality is I survived and my babies both survived. The honest truth as the weeks lead up to the birth of my children was my biggest fear was the c section. A fear that was lead from never undergoing surgery and a lot of scare stories about how bad it could be. So when offered a elective c section I was coaxed by my adorable partner to go for the natural option as that was what I had wanted to do when I thought I was having a single birth. What happed was exhausting but in the end we had one natural and one c-section emergency procedure. It has to be said that my naivety of birth and motherhood was not a help for me. I was that fool that thought I would fail if i didn’t do it all. Like some ninja superwoman who had all the answers and push through. This is not the tactic you want to take in motherhood. You should ask for as much help as possible especially after having a c-secrtion A c-section is major surgery you need to recover. You don’t need to charging about ignoring pain and pretending you got this. Cause I clearly hadn’t. So a year passed and our babies got heavier and one day I went to pick up my little one and my back went…… I don’t think so. I struggled with walking. I am therapist, I specialise in muscles I got this….. my body said “oh no you don’t!” So I tried to self treat, I looked up postpartum recovery…. Went on courses, visited well women physio. Tried to to do the exercises. Still not great and trying to move forward. Then I need support. I got a walking stick. I cannot even begin to tell you how humiliated and frustrated with myself I was. I help others why can’t I help myself. Then after learning oncology massage someone mentioned scar therapy. In particular ScarWorks by Sharon Wheeler. Now I looked for a therapist in my area and discovered no one. My nearest therapist was over an hours drive away. So instead of being a client I decided to learn more, as always…. I need to know how it works, why it works…. I went off to my practitioners course thinking well it may help me or at least I will get another string to my bow. It did more than help. It’s revolutionised how I saw healing in the body. What my body need to help support it. They treated not only aided my C section scar but also my epidural site scar. Why did help? Because it allowed my scar tissue to soften and release, it gave breath back to my body. The nerve endings started to settle and stop sending me pain signals ans most importantly it freed my tissues so that I could do the exercises and movement I needed to do to regain my balance. Now I can do yoga and run after my kids. I am not scared to pick something off the floor. I got to get back to me, well a little bit, I still am a mum and that takes a lot of self! Top 5 tips for after C section. 1 Rest. Rest recovery allow people to help you six weeks is your starter mark not your target 2. Use silicone c section patches. Use these when the manufacturer says you can. 3. see a well women physio. Every post pregnant women should invest in this service. It will give you the feed back you need on how well your recovering 4. self massage gentle self massage after 6 weeks will help reconnect you to your body. 5. Recovery from childbirth takes a LONG time don’t push yourself by thinking you should be here or this stage. Learn to ride the wave and ask for help. If you feel you need scar support please just ask.

Stay safe,Alex